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There’s no escaping the fact that smartphones and mobile devices are a vital part of modern life and business. Our phones connect us not only to the voices of other people, but to our email, our online presence, our friends across the world, and to our money and banking. It can be a huge headache to lose reception or connection on your phone. Even a day without your phone operating correctly can have huge consequences for a mobile business.

But not to worry, Fone Ezy has you covered! We are fully equipped with the latest technology and tools that will allow us to rapidly diagnose any faults with your phone or smart device. We are a team of experienced smart device technicians, having repaired devices across the whole range of brands and across multiple smart device generations. We are well-versed with both Android and Apple iOS, and we are careful and accurate with each device we handle. We will do our best to get your phone working for you, as quickly as possible.

Signs That You Need Your Mobile Phone Service Repaired

If you see a message on your phone such as  ‘No Service, ‘Searching for Service’, ‘No SIM,’ or ‘Insert SIM card’, even when your SIM card is inserted or you are centrally located, your phone may have developed a fault on the device, or you may have a firmware or software problem generated between your device and your service provider. You may also have a problem with APN settings or dual SIM slots.

At Fone Ezy, we want to make your phone and device repair as quick and painless as possible. We will try to diagnose the issue by phone, before you bring the device to us, so we can give you an accurate representation of the work and cost involved in repair. We want you to know what you are getting, and we want you to trust us with your device. We understand that it is a crucial part of your everyday life, and we don’t want your phone troubles to inconvenience you, so we will try to give you the best opportunity to plan around your phone repair.

Why Come To Fone Ezy For Mobile Phone Repair?

When you bring your phone or device to us, we will confirm the issue, and we will confirm that we are able to repair the device, and the turnaround time. We will explain what is necessary to return your device to normal reception and connection behavior, and we will give you a clear idea of parts and costs. And we will return your phone to you working, good as new!

If your phone or device has developed a reception or connection malfunction, please give us a call on 1300 366 333 to discuss the issue. We will get you back online in no time!

Aerial Repair or Replace


Internal Aerial Replacement

Repair Process

  • Call us to discuss.
  • We will try to identify the problem over the phone.
  • Bring your device to our shop to get do more checking.
  • Repair or replace the faulty parts.
  • Full test indoor and outdoor then return to customer.


We accept your gadget

Gadget can be sent in or post to us. Pick up also can be arranged over the phone.


Diagnose and repair

We will identify the problem. Confirm the total cost with the owner and repair.


You pick up your gadget

Pick it up when the job is done, or we can post it to you for your convenience.

Most new cell phones have antennas that are built into the casing and are difficult to access. However, these antennas are still subject to damage. The antenna is responsible for many of the cell phone’s functions including phone calls and Wi-Fi connection. When the antenna is damaged, your cell phone will not function properly.

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