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Water Damaged Phones

Spilling water on our mobile phones is something that has happened even to the best of us at least once. Sometimes the water that’s spilled on the device isn’t enough to damage it, but other times it will leave it absolutely soaked (like when it falls into your toilet or a swimming pool). When that happens, the device will likely short-circuit, even if the phone is built to be waterproof, such as the newer models in the Samsung Galaxy S series.

What exactly happens when an electronic device incurs water damage? In a nutshell, the water enters the phone’s internal structure through its different ports and holes, such as the headphone jack, the charging port, speakers, the microphone, and other orifices. When water gets inside it, it can deal the most damage to the internal circuitry—which relies on electricity—which is why the first thing to do when the phone takes in water is to turn it off and cut off all its power. (This is also why some newer phones will not charge at all if they detect moisture in the charging port.)

Water damage to any electronic device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, is one of the most common problems we encounter at FoneEZY.

Why Does A Water Damaged Phone Require a Phone Repair Shop?

When your mobile phone or laptop takes in some water damage, it’s really best to take it to a repair centre to have it fixed. Repair centres know best how to clean, dry, and fix the parts of a device that incurred water damage.

If your phone or laptop comes into contact with water, immediately turn it off, disconnect your charger, remove the battery (if the battery is removable), and do not set it in rice, as this may only make the water inside set in and damage the phone’s components even further. We at FoneEZY can handle emergencies such as this, so you only need bring it to us when your phone gets wet.

If you spill water on your phone and are unsure of whether it’s officially water damaged, it generally has a liquid contact indicator sticker that changes colour when it meets water. On the iPhone, it’s right next to the SIM card slot, while for Samsung phones it can be found under the battery. If you can’t find a liquid indicator sticker on your phone, it’s best to bring it to us so we can diagnose the problem and repair your device.

Water Damaged Phone Repair In Perth CBD

When your mobile phone takes water damage, bring it to FoneEZY, the best phone repair centre in Perth CBD. We will fix your damaged mobile phone or laptop as fast as we can, as best as we can. You can count on our expertise for a high-quality repair job.

If you’re unsure about availing of our repair services, we can also give you a free, no-obligation quotation on the extent of the repairs necessary for your device. Our customer support is unparalleled in the Perth area and we only want you to be satisfied—and, of course, be able to use your phone or laptop again.

So what are you waiting for? When you need your water damaged phone or laptop cleaned and repaired in Perth, come to the best! Take it to FoneEZY!

Water Damage Repair

Our water damage repair has over 80% success rates when devices had been sent to us straight away, so please do not wait and give us a call. We will help you with some simple instructions over the phone and arrange the device being sent to us as quick as possible.

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