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Virus Removal

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Is your computer of phone acting funny? Is it glitching up or being unresponsive? If so, there’s a good chance you may have contracted a virus. Come to us at FoneEZY and we’ll check your device to scan for any malware lurking in your system.

Virus removal is one of our many specialties. At FoneEZY we specialise in removing spyware, malware and scareware. Virus removal can be a hard and time consuming process. Even if you have the best and up-to-date virus removal software, nothing is 100% secure and viruses can still slip by unnoticed. LEeave the hassle to us at FoneEZY, we have years of experience and expertise behind us to thoroughly scan and remove any malware that may be in your system.

What To Look Out For?

Don’t know if you have a virus? Here are some of the warning signs to look out for:

  • Unusual errors
  • Websites acting strange
  • Files gone missing
  • Computer being slow
  • Performance issues
  • Random websites popping up
  • Adverts randomly popping up
  • Slow or unusual internet
  • Random crashes

Don’t wait any longer! Call into our repair shop located in the Perth CBD for a service experience of the highest quality.


Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

Viruses and spyware can cause all kinds of performance problems for computers. Is your desktop running slowly? Have a laptop constantly plagued by error messages? What about friends complaining about emails they received from you which you never sent? These are all symptoms of viruses and spyware and could indicate your computer has “caught” one or more of either. The sooner they’re removed, the greater the likelihood you’ll avoid permanent damage to your files or even data loss. It’s a tricky process but fortunately,

we’re experts! We will:

  • Remove all viruses, spyware and rootkits.
  • Repair any operating system issues caused by the virus.
  • Perform critical operating system updates.
  • Test operating system for proper functionality.
  • Install or update internet security software.


We accept your gadget

 Gadget can be sent in or post to us. Pick up also can be arranged over the phone.


Diagnose and repair

We will identify the problem. Confirm the total cost with the owner and repair.


You pick up your gadget

Pick it up when the job is done, or we can post it to you for your convenience.

Virus Removal Service helps to scan and identify any malicious content and hence removes it from the system. … Using Antivirus software, Anti-spyware, Anti-malware programs to remove and get rid of malware effectively.

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