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FoneEZY is the best mobile phone repair and unlocking experts located in the Perth central business district. When your iPhone, Samsung, or any other smartphone model malfunctions for one reason or another—our expertise is cracked and damaged phone LCD screens—we can repair it on the spot no matter what the damage or issue is.

When your gadget needs to be repaired, don’t wait to take it to FoneEZY.

Our Screen Repair Services

Has your mobile phone taken a bad fall to the floor? Is its LCD screen now cracked, discolored, or simply not displaying properly because of the fall? Not to worry! We at FoneEZY can repair any damaged LCD screens no matter what your phone is in only an hour!

Our LCD screen repair service not only has a fast turnaround, but you also get a 90-day guaranteed warranty on our work. FoneEZY is the best mobile phone repair center in Perth for a reason: when you take your device to us, we make sure it is as good as new. Aside from damaged phone screens, here are other repair services we provide.


Unresponsive Home Buttons

A bad fall suffered by your mobile phone doesn’t just lead to a damaged LCD screen. It may also damage other parts of the phone, such as your home or any other buttons on its face. When this happens, we can also fix unresponsive and malfunctioning home buttons regardless of the cause of damage, so you can get back to using your phone as soon as possible.


Broken Touch Sensors

What’s worse than a malfunctioning, cracked, and discolored LCD screen? Your mobile phone’s touch sensors failing! The touchscreen is what allows you to use your smartphone even when you can’t see the screen properly—this is an especially worse problem for newer smartphone models that have full touchscreens, such as the iPhone X—so needless to say, it’s important that you have that fixed as soon as possible.

With our expertise, along with a damaged LCD screen, we at FoneEZY can also repair your phone’s damaged touch sensors in no time.

Do You Have A Broken iPhone Screen?

When your iPhone screen breaks, you know you can only go to a repair center that knows exactly what to do in order to make sure it’s working again. Luckily, FoneEZY is the best mobile phone repair center in Perth. Our repair services also cover Samsung and other Android smartphones as well—we’ll fix your phone on the spot in an hour while you wait, and as mentioned, you get a 90-day warranty on our repair work.

If you’re also unsure about availing of our repair services, we can also give you a free, no-obligation quotation on the extent of the repairs necessary for your device, no matter what the problem is. Our customer support is unparalleled in the Perth area.

So what are you waiting for? When you need your mobile phone’s broken screen repaired in Perth, come to the best! Take your phone to FoneEZY!

Screen Repair Services

Phone or laptop fall on the floor, causing its LCD screen to become cracked, discoloured, or simply not display properly? Our repair services can fix that screen in only an hour with our trademark 60-minute screen repair. When you take your device to FoneEZY, you can get a free quote on the repairs that need to be done, and we’ll get it done quickly.

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