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Phones are essential in the modern world and FoneEZY understands that. We are here to help with your iPhone issues. We have extensive experience repairing iPhones with a variety of problems, so if you are experiencing one of the below issues – or one not listed – simply give us a call or visit us in-store.

Battery Replacement

Today’s smartphones tend to have a relatively short battery life, which shortens with use. Even if your phone itself is in good condition, the battery may be starting to fade. This is especially visible when the battery life is starting to affect the performance and reliability of your phone – which is when you know it’s time to replace your battery.

Battery replacement is a cost-effective and simple way to keep your phone running at top condition. Instead of purchasing a brand-new device, instead replace your battery, which will boost the lifespan of your device, decreasing your frustration and increasing your productivity.

FoneEzy has the right tools and training to do the job correctly. Our skilled staff will have your battery replaced and your phone up and running in no time.

Reception Problems

‘No Service, ‘Searching for Service’, ‘No SIM,’ ‘Insert SIM card’: are these messages familiar? If so, there may be a firmware or software fault between your device and service provider, or even on your device. There may also be an issue with APN settings or dual SIM slots.

If you are experiencing these messages, FoneEZY is here to help. We understand that phones are crucial to easy communication in the modern world, which is why we aim to get you back on the grid as soon as possible.


Phones can be locked for a number of reasons – sometimes due to mobile service operators, sometimes due to us having issues with passwords. Whichever the reason, FoneEZY is here to help you unlock your phone so you can get back on the grid.

Water Damage

Even the best of us spill water on our phones. A small spill usually doesn’t affect your phone, but sometimes we drop our phone into water, causing it to short circuit and malfunction. When water enters the internal part of the phone, it affects the way in which the phone transmits electricity, which is why it stops working.

If your phone has experienced water damage – don’t fret. It can still be saved. Water damage is a common problem and FoneEZY has experience cleaning, drying and fixing the parts of your phone which experienced water damage. Simply take it into us today and we will have it working as soon as possible.

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FoneEZY are experts in repairing and upgrading computers, laptops, phones, iPhones, iPads and much more. We also have a wide range of parts and accessories for sale at our shop in Perth CBD. If you have any questions about our services, or if you would like to have your device repaired or upgraded, simply call now or visit us in-store to get a free, no-obligations quote on battery replacement or any of our repair services.

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