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Has your phone or tablet taken a bad fall? Is a cracked screen making it difficult to preform the most simplest of tasks? Well we at FoneEZY got you covered, we are one of the best phone repair centers in the Perth CBD.

We can repair anything from completely shattered screens to un-responsive home buttons and even touch sensors broken from the cracked screen. Our technicians at FoneEZY have the experience and expertise to fix broken screens no matter the make or model of your phone or tablet. We repair Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, HTC and much more Give us a call to see if we have your phone model screen in stock for a quick and easy repair.

Cracked Screen? No problem.

At FoneEZY we offer the best repair rates in the Perth CBD no one can compare when it comes to the quality of our work. So don’t wait any longer, call in our repair shop for a quality repair service you can’t find anywhere else.

Please call us on 1300 366 333 for a free quote.

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