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Phone Repair By Appointment

If your phone is broken or in need of a check-up we’ll help solve those issues with our contactless repair

Fast, No-Fuss Service 

Let’s face it you NEED your phone. Whether it be professional, personal or other, every aspect of your life needs a functioning phone, and in this current environment – you’ll certainly be bored without it.

When your phone is out of order, your quality of life diminishes. This is why it is urgent to have your phone fixed ASAP and not have to wait until this time is over.
This is why we are offering contactless repair by appointment.

The Ultimate In Customer Care

We have a large list of satisfied customers who found our service to be outstanding. We pride ourselves on the quality service that we provide, our tech knowledge and expertise that we provide. Now, we are making this service mobile, with out contactless repair by appointment.

We are experienced with all the Common technical issues customers bring to us and have the experience to fix 99% of mobile phone repair requirements.

Trust the Professionals at Fone Ezy for your phone repair and get back online ASAP! Still not convinced, check out some testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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Just Some of Our Professional iPhone Repair Services

Battery Replacement

Get your battery replaced by the industry experts in phone repair. FoneEZY is a phone repair shop in Perth that specialises in repairing and upgrading computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and much more. We stock a wide range of genuine high-quality replacement batteries so that we can fix your phone on the spot.

LCD Screen Repair

FoneEZY is the best mobile phone repair and unlocking experts located in the Perth central business district. When your iPhone, Samsung, or any other smartphone model malfunctions for one reason or another—our expertise is cracked and damaged phone LCD screens—we can repair it on the spot no matter what the damage or issue is.


When it comes to repair, and unlocking, you can be sure you’ll save with FoneEZY! We are committed in keeping our prices as low as possible, so you can save on every repair job. Our unlocking services include a number of smartphones from top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Acer, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and so much more!

Water Damage

When your mobile phone or laptop takes in some water damage, it’s really best to take it to a repair centre to have it fixed. Repair centres know best how to clean, dry, and fix the parts of a device that incurred water damage. Water damage to any electronic device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, is one of the most common problems we encounter at FoneEZY.

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