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What To Do When You Crack Your iPhone Screen

Dropping, damaging, smashing or cracking your iPhone screen is unfortunately a common occurrence for many. Whilst they are very durable, iPhones aren’t indestructible – and accidents happen.

The next time you damage or crack your iPhone screen, it pays to keep calm, ensure you’re informed, and be prepared with all of the best possible options for you.

Here are three steps to ensure your iPhone screen is protected and repaired following unintentional cracking, smashing or other damage.

Cover sharp glass with tape

Once your iPhone screen has cracked, sharp pieces of glass are likely to remain on its surface – which can be detrimental to your hand should you still attempt to use it.

If a section of your iPhone has been shattered and glass shards are visible, use a piece of sticky tape to both hold it intact and shield the glass from your hand. This is not a permanent fix, but can be a useful placeholder while you assess the next steps you’ll need to take to have it repaired.

Assess the damage

Naturally after your iPhone has cracked, you’ll need to assess the damage to make an informed decision about the best course of action. If the screen is still usable and only slightly cracked, it may be worth using the above tape trick and being delicate with it in future.

If the crack is substantial and will restrict your usage of the iPhone, it’s worth investigating potential repair shops to permanently fix or replace your screen.

Have it professionally repaired

Once you’ve decided to have your iPhone screen repaired, it’s important to take it to a trusted local repair shop. If you’re unsure of who to take your iPhone too, it’s worth doing your research and obtaining a few quotes from repair shops in your area.

Fone Ezy, located in the Perth CBD, is a fast and affordable option for iPhone screen repairs. With your repair you’ll receive a 90-day guaranteed warranty; the perfect peace of mind after damaging an item as essential as your iPhone. Plus, the team will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for the repairs you’ll need.

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Need your iPhone screen repaired by a team you can trust? Apply for your free, no-obligation quote, bring your damaged iPhone into the shop, and have your new phone screen ready to go within 60 minutes thanks to Fone Ezy. Fone Ezy are mobile phone repair experts in the Perth CBD, and have a wealth of experience in on-the-spot repairs – no matter the damage or issue.

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