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Why You Should Repair Your Phone Instead Of Buying One?

Is your phone broken? Before running to the store to get a new expensive phone, you should consider getting your phone repaired instead. It’s an option people do not generally consider, however, there are many benefits when you stick with your phone and just repairing it. Take a look at our top four reasons why you should think twice next time you want to upgrade.

1. Save money

As a consumer, you are continually bombarded by advertisements and their one goal is for you to spend more money than you need to.  Phone companies claim that only the newest phone can make your life better and easier, but how much better do you really need your phone to be? Maybe your phone’s battery has died, or the screen is broken, and you decide to throw the towel in and by that new phone. However, this upgrade may set you back a few hundred or even a thousand dollars. Is this really the best use of your money when you can have your phone repaired for less?

2. Save time

When buying a new phone, you need to do a lot of research to make sure you are purchasing the best product, but do you really have time for that? Then you have to pick up the phone, maybe the store needs to order it in, then you can buy it and spend hours setting it up. Whereas if you get your phone repaired, all you have to do is drop it off at Fone Ezy, no appointment required and pick it up.

3. Support local repair stores

Repairing your phone instead of buying a new phone will not only benefit you, but it will provide business for local phone repair stores. This means your money will go to a hardworking local business instead of an international company. The decision to have your phone repaired is not only beneficial for your wallet and your time but also local businesses.

4. Maximise the value of your phone

Before you rush off to the store take a moment to consider how much you bought your phone for and if you will be maximising the value of it if you buy a new phone. When only a cracked screen or a dead battery needs to be repaired, is it really worth getting rid of the whole phone? It is time you start maximising the life of your technology and have your phone repaired instead of throwing it away.

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