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Mobile Phone Repair Services

In our digital age, a broken mobile phone presents a significant problem. We at Fone Ezy understand the importance of reliable, efficient repairs – and offer a variety of services related to mobile phone repair.

Battery Replacement

Many smartphones have a short battery life, which shows signs of wear and tear after one year. Instead of replacing your phone, consider replacing your battery instead. A new battery will decrease your frustration, increasing the lifespan of your device and saving costs.

However, do not attempt to replace the battery on your own, as you could damage both yourself and the device.

Data Recovery

Phone data can be lost due to formatting problems, hardware damage or other software malfunctions. Whether your information is located on your internal storage or an external memory card, Fone Ezy has the tools to help you recover your data on the spot.

Broken Home Button

Dropping your phone can result in your home button no longer working. Fone Ezy can fix unresponsive and malfunctioning home buttons.

Broken Touch Screen

Touch screens can break even without being cracked – but Fone Ezy can repair your screen sensors so you can use it effectively.

Screen Repair

We’ve all been guilty of dropping our phones – but sometimes that leads to cracked or discoloured screens. If that’s happened, come to us – Fone Ezy can repair your damaged LCD screen within an hour.

Reception Problems

Losing reception or connection on your phone can significantly impact your life if it occurs on an ongoing basis. If your phone displays messages such as ‘No Service, ‘Searching for Service’, ‘No SIM,’ or ‘Insert SIM card’, even though your SIM card is properly inserted and you are in a central location, you likely have an issue with your device. This may be a firmware or software problem, a fault with your device, or an issue relating to your APN settings or dual SIM slots.

No matter what the issue is, Fone Ezy is well-versed with both Android and iOS and will do our best to get your phone working for you as quickly as possible.

Phone Unlocking

Whether you need your phone unlocked because you’d like to change carriers, or because you’d like to travel overseas and avoid hidden costs, Fone Ezy can help you.

Water Damage

A small spill will likely leave our phones unharmed, but more water will lead your device to short circuit. If you drop your phone into water, call us immediately – our water damage repair service has over 80% success rates when the device was sent to us straight away, but the longer you wait, the more likely your phone will incur permanent damage.

For Mobile Phone Repairs in Perth, Contact Us Today

If you need your mobile phone repair, bring it to Fone Ezy, the best phone repair centre in Perth CBD. You can count on us to carry out a high-quality repair job.

We also provide free, no-obligations quotes on the repairs necessary for your phone. We want you to be satisfied with our services and to effectively use your phone again – so contact us today on 1300 366 333 and let us help you.

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