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Top tips in choosing a reliable mobile repair service

Although we have more than everything we need in modern society, this comes at a cost: the Paradox of Choice. We have so many options put in front of us that when making decisions, we usually freeze up and can’t settle on one option without thinking we’re missing out on something different or better.

The same goes for services; there are so many different mobile repair places in Perth that it gets difficult to stick to one and be content with your choice. Therefore, we’ve dedicated this article to helping you narrow your choices and get the best service available for you today.

Credibility (references or testimonials):

The first thing you should look for when choosing a service is its credibility. You’re 100% more likely to take a close friend or family members word over anyone else’s (including mine), so asking around and listening to what they recommend is essential.

If they have no idea or you want a second opinion, testimonials from previous clients are key. Look at the reviews of the service – see how they treat their customers and have a look if they really live up to what they promise.

If you have others who have had good service at a place, you’ll definitely have more peace of mind leaving your device there knowing it’ll be taken good care of.

Turnover time:

The second thing to consider is how long you’re going to be out of action from your phone. Different places offer different turnover times, and it’s important to check this. If you’re just cruising and don’t need your phone that much, this won’t matter as much to you, but if your phone is key to all your social and corporate agendas, getting it back as soon as possible is paramount. Although it can take hours or even days, places like FoneEzy in the CBD will be able to get it back to you as quick as an hour.

When looking at these, it is important to note that times may vary per company based off the amount of customers, available hands to work and the actual damage to your device.


The third thing, and the thing probably forefront on your mind – how much is it going to cost?! Although looking for the cheapest and most competitive price is good, ensure that you are not sacrificing the quality of your service to save a few bucks.

Call up different places, get quotes and compare them, and you might be saving yourself a small fortune.


Warranty is a must, holding the company accountable for the work they are doing on your phone. Most professional places will have some sort of warranty system in place, so be sure to ask about it! FoneEzy provides a 90 day warranty on all repairs, with the exception of water damage.

There are a lot of repair services on the market, but FoneEzy is a credible, reliable and fast mobile repair service with competitive prices and included warranty. You can check out testimonials here or inquire today to get a free quote right away!

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