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How To Repair A Cracked iPhone Screen

If you’re anything like me, every phone I’ve had, despite all the cases and screen protectors, has eventually wiggled itself into a cracked screen. Unfortunately, as well, for my bank account, they don’t come cheap.

If you’re looking to get your screen replaced with something high quality, it’s going to cost you even more.

Luckily for you, we got solutions! We know how important your phone is and how inconvenient a cracked screen can be to your work and social life, so we’re here to walk you through your options to see what best suits you.

DIY iPhone screen repair:

If you’re not looking to cough up a small fortune but still need to get that screen repaired, the best bet is doing the replacement yourself. You need to be a little tech-savvy before attempting this and just know that you will be voiding your warranty (if it still has one) and run the risk of permanent damage to your phone.

First, you have to order your screen and a repair kit online and wait for delivery (unless you’re lucky enough to have an electronic store nearby that sells them). You’ll be given the freedom to choose the quality of the screen you want, but to the untrained eye you have to be careful with your purchase.

Fixing the screen yourself isn’t an easy task, and although saving you money, will most likely leave you quite with hours of frustration. If you’ve ever looked at the inside of a mobile phone, you’ll notice how intricate and delicate the parts are. Unfortunately for you, if you aren’t a specialist, these delicate devices can cause more of a headache than you think, and getting the slightest step wrong could send you back, costing even more money – or have you buying a completely new iPhone!

Professional iPhone Cracked Screen Repair options


With iPhones, the first question you should be asking yourself is if you have an existing warranty. Although the warranty will not cover accidental damage (a cracked screen), the reason it matters is that if you get it repaired outside Apple or an Apple-authorised reseller, your warranty will become void. In short, if anything else were to happen to your phone, Apple can’t do anything about it.

The second question is if you have AppleCare. Although they still will not fix your phone for free, AppleCare offers discounts to your repairs, giving you a guaranteed fix for a reasonable price. This covers up to two accidental damages. And the best bit, you get to keep your warranty!

Local iPhone Repair Shops:

If you don’t have AppleCare and don’t want to risk doing it yourself, your best bet is heading to a professional screen repair store. Depending on where you go, these shouldn’t break the bank and are moderately safe. Of course, though, do your research and read reviews before you leave your phone in the hands of someone else.

Getting it repaired by a private store can be a lengthy process. Depending on where you go, the process can range from a few hours to days and weeks. Luckily there are places like FoneEzy in Perth who offer same day service, high-quality parts and expert technicians, so you know your phone is going to be left in good hands.

Preventing future screen damage:

Although it seems like there’s nothing you can do to stop the inevitable happening, protecting your phone is your best bet against future damages.


There are a wide range of cases out there, in all shapes and sizes, that offer added varying degrees of added protection against screen damage – but at the end of the day, something is always better than nothing.

Screen protectors:

Whether you opt for glass or plastic, screen protectors will do their best against scratches and general cracks. They’re good, but don’t put all your faith in them.

Where to get your phone repaired:

If your phone does require a new screen, FoneEzy should be your first stop. We offer 60-minute waits on most mobile screen repairs, as well as high-quality parts and expert technicians with a wealth of knowledge. Being the best screen specialists in the CBD, no matter the damage, FoneEzy has got you covered.

Call today or book your repairs online now to get that niggly screen replaced.


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