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Turning Your Samsung Smartphone Into A Nintendo Game Boy

Step back in time with the Smart Boy: a ‘new’ weapon in the battle of the Smartphones, turning your Samsung into a cartridge-playing Game Boy!

Ah the good old days of playing Donkey Kong and Pokemon on the retro Game Boy, before the world of Smartphones, just the thought of it brings back a certain air of nostaliga, does it not?

With Smart Boy blurring the lines between old and new, you can now have your Game Boy and your Smartphone too, and all within your current-gen Samsung device. The FoneEZY team grew up on Game Boy, so we had to find out everything there is to know about the Smart Boy. Here’s the lowdown for fellow hardcore Game Boy fans.

Enter Hyperkin; the brainchild of the Game Boy for Samsung, this LA-based video game hardware development company initially began working on Smart Boy for the means of an April Fools joke. Fast-forward two years and a bit of fun has turned into a licensed device that’s soon to be released in the US and Korea.

While certain classic games can be simulated on your Smartphone, it doesn’t feel like a legit Game Boy experience without the chunky, hand-held device. With the Smart Boy, you’ll feel like you’re maneuvering a legit Game Boy, complete with a tactile set of buttons just like the classic, and a cartridge slot so you can insert all your favourite games that you just can’t bring yourself to throw out (Tetris, anyone?). Attach it to your Samsung Smartphone and be transported back to the 90s.

A current-gen 5.2-6 inch Samsung device with a USB Type-C port is all you need, and the cartridge slot is compatible with all NTSC/PAL Game Boy and Game Boy colour cartridges…easy. The Smart Boy is also compatible with a range of other apps and games, Google Play’s Game Boy Advance apps included.

Not to mention that there’ll be no more grainy Game Boy screen; with the Smart Boy, your favourite Game Boy games will have a pixel quality that matches your phone’s resolution, giving you a higher quality visual than your classic Game Boy screen. No batteries needed either, so you can play whenever and wherever you like without worrying about recharging.

So when can we get our hands on the Smart Boy here in Australia? Don’t get too excited yet, the Smart Boy is only meant to be landing in stores at the end of 2017, and remember that’s only in the States and Korea – so we’ll have to find a friend travelling to bring one back for us. Price-wise it’s not bad, and will be available for USD$49.95 (that’s AUD$67.00). Here’s hoping the feedback will be awesome so that we can get our hands on this nostalgic piece of genius in the Aussie market stat. Let’s bring back the real deal Mario and all our old favourites on the Samsung!

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