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How to Protect Your Phone Properly

We’ve all been there; you pull your phone out of your pocket, fumble, and the world slows down as you watch your smartphone tumble towards the hard ground. And they always land face down, don’t they?

It is devastating when the screen cracks or your phone goes for an unexpected swim. Protecting your phone from dropping and drowning is easier than you might think.

However, if you are reading this and your phone has already met with disaster, come and see us and we might be able to rescue it for you. FoneEzy are Perth’s phone repair specialists, working miracles on cracked screens every day of the week.

Screen Protector

The first thing you should always do when you get a new smartphone is put a screen protector on. Screen protectors keep your phone free from dirt and surface scratches, and an excellent quality protector won’t impact the usability of the touchscreen.

  • Plastic screen protectors provide a basic level of scratch resistance but they won’t stand up to impact, or deep scratches (like from keys or if you drop your phone on a rough surface).
  • Glass protectors add another tough layer between your phone and the outside world. They usually bear the brunt when you drop your phone, and although they can’t claim to fully protect your screen they are much harder than flimsy plastic coatings.

Cracking a glass protector is a much cheaper and easier repair than cracking the phone screen, so you can’t really lose with a glass screen protector.

Covers and Life Proof cases 

Phone covers range from slimline decorative options through to bulky, but very useful, utility cases. Bumper cases will offer a little bit of protection from dropping on the back but they don’t do much for the screen, and if the phone meets water you are in serious trouble. If you are honest with yourself, you probably need a case that keeps water out and offers proper protection from cracking and scratching.

We always recommend Lifeproof Nuud cases as the perfect middle ground between slim cases, which are more for decoration than anything else, and those hefty utility protectors. Lifeproof Nuud cases are designed to fit in your jeans pocket while still offering protection from water and impact.

Physics says that if your phone lands on its corner you will end up with some lovely new cracking, so Lifeproof designed cases keep the edges covered. We can’t tell you how many times we have heard “I wish I had that case when I dropped my phone” from screen repair customers in Perth!

Protect and repair your phone with FoneEzy

A cracked screen doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In many instances FoneEzy can repair or replace broken screens with full functionality so you can get straight back to being productive with your smartphone…or browsing Instagram, we don’t judge.

If you need a cracked phone screen repaired in Perth, come in and see us, or call us. We are easy to find in the centre of the city, providing Perth’s best phone repairs and accessories 7 days a week.

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