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5 Benefits of Unlocked Mobile Phones

Thinking of buying a new mobile phone? As the end user, this means deciding between an unlocked, or locked phone. You may be surprised that an unlocked phone can give your greater flexibility in more ways than one; here’s the lowdown on the advantages of having an unlocked mobile phone.

1. No Lock-Ins

While a locked phone bought from a specific network provider can only be used with that provider’s SIM cards, an unlocked phone gives you the option of easily switching between carriers. This means more freedom when choosing the right plan to meet your specific needs, allowing you to change your mobile phone carrier accordingly for better coverage, service and rates.

Also easier to repair or replace, simply remove your SIM card and transfer it to a spare unlocked mobile before taking your phone to a trusted phone repair expert, like a member of our team at FoneEzy Perth. Check out the available networks we can unlock for you today.

2. Complete Network Coverage

Running on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks, unlocked mobile phones recognise all GSM network SIM cards, so you get 100% coverage for calls, texts and other data – no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re backpacking or on business, an unlocked phone will keep you connected.

Did we mention there are no roaming charges with unlocked mobile phones? Opt for an unlocked phone and you can purchase a local SIM card while overseas this will give you a local mobile number, so you’ll only have to pay local call and message rates…no through-the-roof roaming fees that tend to come with a locked phone.

3. Long-Term Savings

Purchasing an unlocked phone may come with a higher initial payment than a locked phone contract, but long-term, it’s likely you’ll actually save with an unlocked phone. This is because unlike locked phones, unlocked phones come without additional monthly costs tied to a subscription fee.

And because you get to choose your network carrier, you can find one to suit your current budget, changing carriers whenever you’d like, rather than having to wait until your contract expires or paying for early termination costs. Low-cost prepaid SIM cards are a particularly budget-friendly option, offering cheaper rates for calls and texts.

4. More Phone Model Variety

Having a locked phone also means you’re stuck with a limited number of phone model options provided by your carrier. An unlocked mobile phone gives you more choice when selecting a phone model to suit your needs and budget, and if you’re a gadget fan, you can get your hands on the most up-to-date unit, without having to pay for a new plan or changing your number.

5. Better Resale Value

More practical and flexible than a locked phone, you’ll find an unlocked phone is much easier to resell – be it locally or internationally. It will also sell for more than a locked phone. This means a greater return investment for your new phone, no complaints there!

At FoneEzy Perth we specialise in unlocked mobile phone service, mobile repair and mobile screen replacement service. Want to get your phone unlocked? Come and see us today and reap the benefits!

Why not ring us today on 1300 366 333 to find out more? We are the experts of electronic gadgets,  we fix all devices.

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