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Aah the fatal phone fall - bound to happen to each of us at least once in a world where we so heavily rely on our Smartphones…

Squinting through the cracks on your smart phone’s shattered screen? Here are our five top tips at FoneEzy for getting your cracked phone screen sorted.

Get a temporary phone

At FoneEzy phone repairs in Perth, we specialise in mobile phone repairs - screen repairs included - and that’s for all types of Smartphones. There’s no need to go phoneless if your Smartphone screen is shattered; we suggest switching over your SIM card temporarily to another handset – be it a loan from your phone plan provider, a spare from a nice friend or family member, or a cheapie you find on eBay or Gumtree. A temporary phone will make your life that much easier while we repair your existing phone’s screen, keeping you connected to your contacts, email, social media etc. Don’t forget to backup your photos, videos, music and any other important stuff before switching your SIM over.

Avoid a DIY job

It’s tempting to YouTube DIY screen repair instructions we know, but trying to fix your smart phone’s screen yourself may cause further damage, potentially undoing the warrantee you have on your phone. Even if you think you’ll be able to replace the screen with no issues, getting your hands on a suitable screen can be hard, as Smartphone manufacturers often won’t sell individual replacement parts to consumers, not to mention that Smartphones often need very particular tools to be opened.

Seek a mobile phone repair expert

If your Smartphone screen only has a few cracks that don’t seem to be affecting how your phone is working, then you can probably skip seeking out a pro…but if your screen is super-cracked and your phone has been playing up since you dropped it, it’s worth heading to FoneEzy, where one of our tech peeps can give you trusted advice, check out your screen and change it if necessary, no dramas.

Trade or sell your broken phone

If one of our smart phone pro’s says the cost of fixing your phone’s screen will be close to that of a brand new mobile phone, it probably isn’t worth it. What it can be worth doing is by putting your phone up for sale or trade online, perhaps on a local Buy, Sell or Trade Facebook group. You might not get much from a sale, but something is better than nothing.

Skip a trip to your Smartphone’s manufacturer

Yes, Apple or whoever can replace your Smartphone screen, but this is often for a through-the-roof price, especially if your warranty has expired. A trusted technician at a little phone repair shop like FoneEzy on the other hand is typically able to fix your mobile phone screen in a matter of minutes, and for a much more reasonable cost.

Time to get uncracking! At FoneEzy, Phone Repairs Perth, our team is here to help you with your broken Smartphone screen at an affordable price, fixing it properly – no half-done jobs here. Give us a call for more info on your screen repair options, or book your phone repair online today.

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